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First Time?

A letter to our New Parents,

Although a choice for a “dog-sitter” may be familiar to you and your pet, there is still the time that your pet is left alone and unattended. Therefore, more and more pet owners are choosing to board their pets at professional boarding kennels rather than choosing such alternatives as neighbors, friends, or relatives.

Leaving your pet at a kennel is usually more traumatic for you than it is for your pet. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your pet for a boarding stay, and also put your mind at ease:

Tour the Kennel (In person or online at the bottom of this page). You will feel more comfortable leaving your pet here when you can see where they will stay.

Talk with the Owner, Neal Erickson, and discuss any questions you may have about our facility or the care that will be given to your pet.

Find out what we will do for your pet in the case of an emergency.

Make sure that your pet is properly immunized. This is not only because of the county and the state laws but also for the safety of your pet(s). Getting your pet(s) vaccinated assures that your pet will not pick up commonly carried diseases from other pets.

Kennel life can be very exciting for your pet as well as intimidating. Your pet’s eating habits and personality may be very different while he or she is staying in the kennel. Some of these changes range from eating ravenously to picky eating, charging around barking at other dogs to shyness or quietness. Some pets may put on a few pounds while other pets may take it off. These changes are only temporary and not harmful. Your pet will resume normal daily activities within hours of returning home. this is not unlike the time you need to unwind and adjust after coming home from vacation.

To make your pets trip to and from the kennel easier on him and you, do not feed him or her for at least 4 hours prior to boarding. Your pet will be very excited and should not have to contend with an upset stomach. Reduced water intake will also help to make their transition more comfortable.

We are here 24-hours a day caring for our “guests”. Our daily schedule is always changing based on the guests we have and their individual needs.  We do our best to keep our routine the same everyday, and make them feel at home with the sounds of us talking, singing, Radio Station from McHenry County and Laundry Machines.  We will happy to discuss our daily schedule more over the phone.  Give us a call!