Welcome to Erickson's
                  Kennels, Inc.

Boarding at Erickson's Kennels

We are so proud of our facility, we challenge you to come smell the difference.

  • We are Licensed and Inspected by the State of Illinois.
  • 24 Hour Care in a Climate Controlled Facility.
  • Full Service Grooming Shop.
  • Individual Exercise and Playtime (Weather permitting) on our 5 acre property.
  • Recently installed 3000ft. play area for individual off-leash playtime is more comfortable.
  • Medication administered when its needed for you Pet's health.

Call Us Today! Once you have a Reservation, follow these boarding guidelines to give your pet the best experience with us.


Vaccinations Required

Need prior to boarding. ...more info.


Do not feed your pet 4 hours prior to boarding. Your pet will be excited and they should not have to deal with an upset stomach.


Reducing water intake during those 4 hours will help the transition into the kennel.

What to Bring

If a special diet is necessary, we would ask that you supply the proper amount of food needed for length of stay. The Kennel provide blankets, towels, and dishes for your pet’s needs. We launder on a daily basis. If you would like to bring things from home that are essential to the pet’s well being you may bring them.

Erickson's Kennels only allows Nyla Bones in the kennels. No Rawhides.


Give as much attention to your pet as possible. He/she missed you! Pets have a tendency to overeat and drink when excited. This will cause an upset stomach.

Helpful tips when returning home:

  • Give a bowl of ice instead of water. (This will slow water intake)
  • Do not feed him/her right when you get home. (Let them settle down first. Then feed normal amount of food.
  • Do not overfeed.
  • Stay away from rich treats until the next day when his/her regular routine is back in place.
  • Erickson's Kennels recommends the use of Nyla Bones for chewing treats. (Hint-rub a piece of turkey meat on Nyla bone for some flavor-keeps them busy until they fall asleep.)

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Our Clients Say it Best.

"I'm confident my bulldog will get what he needs while I'm away."

Anytime I have to leave town on business, I'm assured that Erickson's will provide the best care for Winston.
- - Jeff